About the Lemma Search Results Page


With this drop-down menu you can change the sorting of the result list. Basically, there is the possibility to sort in ascending and descending order according to the following criteria:

  • Lemma transliteration, alphabetical
  • Beginning of attestation timespan
  • End of attestation timespan

If sorting by attestation timespan (more on this below), lemmata without a calculable attestation timespan will be listed at the end of the list (currently still unsorted).

The default setting is „Alphabetical (ascending)‟.

Show/hide buttons


Use this button to hide/show the hieroglyphs of the lemmata. For demotic lemmata as well as lemmata that do not have a nominal hieroglyphic spelling, the belonging to one of the two lemma lists is displayed instead.

Lemma ID

Use this button to show/hide the persistent IDs of the lemmata. Using these, lemmata can be cited, persistently referenced, and looked up on the TLA search page.

Note/hint: Clicking on the ID writes it to your computer’s clipboard.

Word class

Use this button to hide/show the word classes of the lemmata.

For an overview of the different word classes, see here.


Use this button block to show/hide the meaning of the lemmata in German, English, and/or French. Please note that while all (translatable) lemmata contain a translation in German, not all lemmata have English or French translation equivalents yet. For more information, see here.

Attestation time

Use this button to hide/show the attestation timespan of the lemmata in the TLA.

Note: Please be aware that only the attestation timespan in the digital text corpus of the TLA is calculated here. Attestation time information from the DZA or the printed Wb. are not included.

Bibliographical references

Use this button to hide/show bibliographic references of the lemmata. For a list of bibliographic abbreviations, see here.

Lemma entry


The display of the lemma transliteration is mandatory. Clicking on the entry leads to the corresponding lemma page.

Editorial state

For information on the editorial state of the lemmata displayed in the upper right corner of an entry, see here.