TLA Development

Version history

  • 8/8/2023:
    • Web app: v2.0.2.1, improvements
      Addition of metadata on text object page, placeholder strings in search form.
    • Text corpus: v17, unchanged
  • 7/12/2023:
    • Web app: v2.0.2, improvements
      Basis lemma collocation search, addition and reorganization of metadata on text page and text object page, addition of file creation date, improvement of computation of attestation frequency (sentences) on lemma page, various labels/terms.
    • Text corpus: v17, unchanged
  • 12/15/2022:
    • Web app: v2.0[.]1, improvements
      Citation notes, authors' list, development plan, smartphone layout, external references, Unicode keyboard, text path, information notes, Trismegistos links, labels.
    • Text corpus: v17, unchanged
  • 10/31/2022:
    • Web app: v2.0, development package 1
    • Text corpus: v17

Comparison of legacy vs. new TLA, with development perspectives

Legacy TLA (v1.x)New TLA (v2.x)
New/extended/improved information
Lemmata: Hieroglyphs✓ (JSesh MdC)✓ (Unicode, JSesh MdC)
Lemmata: computed attestation time span in the TLA corpus
Lemmata: Nominal classes
Lemmata: English translation equivalentspartly (hiero. only)completed (hiero. only)
Lemmata: French translation equivalentspartly (hiero. only)partly (hiero. only)
Lemmata: comments✓ (esp. medical texts)
Lemmata: linking composites/parts (ḥm-nṯr > ḥm, ...)✓ (Demotic only)
Sentences/sentence words: commentsto come (high priority)
Sentence words: hieroglyphs(✓) (JSesh MdC; few)✓ (JSesh-MdC; many)
Sentence words: word class
Sentence words: grammatical annotation✓ (BTS, LMG)
Sentence words: contextual meaning(✓) (for searched lemma only)
Texts/objects: authorship✓ (main author)✓ (main author, further editors)
Content with free license✓ (CC BY-SA 4.0 Int.)
Content without free license✕ (continued usage in legacy TLA;
concerns Edfu project data)
Digital references
References to DZA✓ (website internal)✓ (reference to legacy TLA
for the time being)
References to other digital projects✓ (few)✓ (more)
Basic functionalities
Lemma search: via transcription, word class, bibliography
Lemma search: transcription encoding typeMdCUnicode, MdC
Lemma search: incl. hierarchyto come (medium priority)
Lemma search: incl. composites (ḥm > ḥm-nṯr, ...)to come (medium priority)
Root search; Lemma search: via root transcription
Lemma search result: sorting✓ (new: chronological)
Lemma collocation search✓ (simple), distance spec.
to come (medium priority)
Sentence search (transliteration, grammar, translation, ...)to come (medium priority)
Hieroglyph search, lemma spelling(low priority)
Hieroglyph search, sentencesto come (medium priority)
Lemma pages✓ (stable IDs)✓ (citable)
Single sentence pages✓ (citable)
Occurences list
Occurences list: sortingto come (medium priority)
Text pages: metadata✓ (citable)
Text pages: text content (sentences)to come (highest priority)
0bject page
Text/object searchto come (high priority)
Text/object tree/browserto come (medium priority)
Thesaurus entry pages✓ (citable)
Word statistics(low priority)
Collocation analysis(low priority)
Lexical gravity
Persistent lemma IDs/URLs
Look up lemma ID(✓) (via URL)
Persistent sentence/sentence word IDs/URLs
Look up sentence ID
Look up sentence word IDto come (medium priority)
Persistent text/object IDs/URLs
Look up text/object ID
Persistent thesaurus entry IDs/URLs
Look up thesaurus entry ID
Content persistently verifiableto come: raw data publication
(medium priority)
Web application languagesDE, ENDE, EN; perspectively more
Smartphone compatibility (responsive design)
Print support (layout)
Citation assistance on pages
Share functionality
Feedback formto come (high priority)
Free licensing of data✓ (CC BY-SA 4.0 Int.)
Transcription in Unicode
Hieroglyphs in Unicode✓ (lemmata; experimental for sentences)
Additional resources
Wb. browser✓ (website-internal)✕ (usage in legacy TLA for the time being)
Vormanuskript browser✓ (website-internal)✕ (usage in legacy TLA for the time being)
DZA browser✓ (website-internal)✕ (usage in legacy TLA for the time being)

Known issues

For a list of known issues, see here.