TLA Development

Version history

  • 12/15/2022:
    • Web app: v2.01, improvements
      Citation notes, authors' list, development plan, smartphone layout, external references, Unicode keyboard, text path, information notes, Trismegistos links, labels
    • Text corpus: v17, unchanged
  • 10/31/2022:
    • Web app: v2.0, development package 1
    • Text corpus: v17

Comparison of legacy vs. new TLA, with development perspectives

Legacy TLA (v1.x)New TLA (v2.x)
New/extended/improved information
Lemmata: Hieroglyphs✓ (JSesh MdC)✓ (Unicode, JSesh MdC)
Lemmata: computed attestation time span in the TLA corpus
Lemmata: Nominal classes
Lemmata: English translation equivalentspartly (hiero. only)completed (hiero. only)
Lemmata: French translation equivalentspartly (hiero. only)partly (hiero. only)
Lemmata: comments✓ (esp. medical texts)
Lemmata: linking composites/parts (ḥm-nṯr > ḥm, ...)✓ (Demotic only)
Sentences/sentence words: commentsto come (high priority)
Sentence words: hieroglyphs(✓) (JSesh MdC; few)✓ (JSesh-MdC; many)
Sentence words: word class
Sentence words: grammatical annotation✓ (BTS, LMG)
Sentence words: contextual meaning(✓) (for searched lemma only)
Texts/objects: authorship✓ (main author)✓ (main author, further editors)
Content with free license✓ (CC BY-SA 4.0 Int.)
Content without free license✕ (continued usage in legacy TLA;
concerns Edfu project data)
Digital references
References to DZA✓ (website internal)✓ (reference to legacy TLA
for the time being)
References to other digital projects✓ (few)✓ (more)
Basic functionalities
Lemma search: via transcription, word class, bibliography
Lemma search: transcription encoding typeMdCUnicode, MdC
Lemma search: incl. hierarchyto come (medium priority)
Lemma search: incl. composites (ḥm > ḥm-nṯr, ...)to come (medium priority)
Root search; Lemma search: via root transcription
Lemma search result: sorting✓ (new: chronological)
Collocation searchto come (high priority)
Sentence search (transliteration, grammar, translation, ...)to come (medium priority)
Hieroglyph search, lemma spelling(low priority)
Hieroglyph search, sentencesto come (medium priority)
Lemma pages✓ (stable IDs)✓ (citable)
Single sentence pages✓ (citable)
Occurences list
Occurences list: sortingto come (medium priority)
Text pages: metadata✓ (citable)
Text pages: text content (sentences)to come (highest priority)
0bject page
Text/object searchto come (high priority)
Text/object tree/browserto come (medium priority)
Thesaurus entry pages✓ (citable)
Word statistics(low priority)
Collocation analysis(low priority)
Lexical gravity
Persistent lemma IDs/URLs
Look up lemma ID(✓) (via URL)
Persistent sentence/sentence word IDs/URLs
Look up sentence ID
Look up sentence word IDto come (medium priority)
Persistent text/object IDs/URLs
Look up text/object ID
Persistent thesaurus entry IDs/URLs
Look up thesaurus entry ID
Content persistently verifiableto come: raw data publication
(medium priority)
Web application languagesDE, ENDE, EN; perspectively more
Smartphone compatibility (responsive design)
Print support (layout)
Citation assistance on pages
Share functionality
Feedback formto come (high priority)
Free licensing of data✓ (CC BY-SA 4.0 Int.)
Transcription in Unicode
Hieroglyphs in Unicode✓ (lemmata; experimental for sentences)
Additional resources
Wb. browser✓ (website-internal)✕ (usage in legacy TLA for the time being)
Vormanuskript browser✓ (website-internal)✕ (usage in legacy TLA for the time being)
DZA browser✓ (website-internal)✕ (usage in legacy TLA for the time being)

Known issues

For a list of known issues, see here.