Sistrophorus Statue of Ameneminet (Luxor J.141)(Object ID 3P7YM4SQKZHPDMVS6NSPNPFN6E)

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Data type: Object

Object type: Statue / Figur

Materials: Kalkstein

Dimensions (H×W(×D)): 69 × 27 cm

Comment on materiality

  • The statue was found broken in two pieces and has been restored. Large areas of the left side of the base are lost, with areas of chipping along the front of the base and the toes. The face and right hand are broken away and the right forearm and left elbow are chipped. Small areas of the surface are lost from the back area, particularly the final two columns on the left and the last column on the right.

  • Finding place

    • Tempel Thutmosis' III.
      Certainty: certain
      Is the original place of use: Yes
      Comment on this place: The statue was found during the 1961–1962 season in Sector J/8–9, north-east area of columned forecourt, temple of Thutmose III, Deir el-Bahri (Lipińska, in: ASAE 59, 1966). The original excavation report records the finds more generally: ‘Among the collapsed blocks of the temple, and in particular on the south-east side, a number of votive statues was discovered. Their origin can be traced back to the Ramsis II reign’ (Dabrowski, in: ASAE 58, 1964: 47). On Sector J/8–9, see Lipińska, The temple of Tuthmosis III: statuary and votive monuments, Varsovie 1984, 22.

Current location

Comment on dating:

  • 5 cartouches of Ramesses II on the shoulders and on the sistrum.

Owner: Privatperson

Comment on cultural context

  • cultural context: commemorative


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  • - Elizabeth Frood: Transcription, translation, metadata, notes (data entered by P. Dils), 11.11.2022
  • - Peter Dils: Lemmatisation and grammatical encoding according to the transcription and translation by Frood; hieroglyphic encoding based on photographs, 19.11.2022

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