Statue of Amenmose (Kairo CG 1221)(Object ID JGLF74FSJVBEREYL6CK6HAFK3U)

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Data type: Object

Object type: Statue / Figur

Materials: dunkler Granodiorit

Dimensions (H×W(×D)): 82 cm

Condition: fragmentarisch

Comment on materiality

  • The head of the statue is missing, the forearms and hands are damaged, the edge of the kilt chipped away, and the text on the lap worn away in places. There are small areas of damage to the base.

  • Finding place

    • Qurna
      Certainty: certain
      Is the original place of use: Yes
      Comment on this place: Discovered on the edge of the cultivation in the temple of Amun and Ahmose-Nefertari. This statue was found in 1897 in the Menset temple of Amun and the deified Queen Ahmose Nefertari in Qurna by G. Daressy (so mentioned by M. of Northampton, W. Spiegelberg, P.E. Newberry, Report on some Excavations in the Theban Necropolis during the winter of 1898-1899, London 1908, 7). Grandet (1997, 214) persuasively suggests that this statue formed a pair with Amenmose’s other scribe statue (Cairo JE 87194), which also bears a biographical text, and that they may have flanked an entrance to the temple.

Current location

  • Egyptian Museum
    Inventory no(s).: CG 1221
    Is at this location: Yes
    Comment on this place:
    G. Daressy, der von 1887 bis 1923 beim Service des Antiquités arbeitete, hat die Statue im Jahr 1897 gefunden und sicherlich nach Kairo transportieren lassen (zunächst ins Museum von Giseh, dann ins Museum am Midan Tahrir).

Comment on dating:

  • Individual is well known from other objects (see H. De Meulenaere, Notes de prosopographie thébaine. Quatrième série, in: CdE 64, 1989, 55-58 [no. 21]) that suggest a date in this reign (el-Sayed 2012 [Ramses III]; Grandet 1997 [dates to late 19th to early 20th dynasty]; [Ramsès III nach CLES 2057]).
  • Auf seiner Statue in Kairo JE 87194 (KRI V, 415-416) nennt sich Amenmose jm.jr-rʾ-kꜣ.t n tꜣ ḥw.t n.t ḥḥ m rnp.wt ẖnm.t-nḥḥ m pr Jmn: er war also Baumeister des Totentempels Ramses' III.

Owner: Privatperson


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