Pronaos, Nordwand, Fries, E III, 221-229, Stundenritual 7-12(Object ID OD5RBD4OUFC2TM3JRPRLL2PXKE)

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Object type: Tempel

  • Finding place

    • Tell Edfu
      Certainty: certain
      Is the original place of use: Yes

Current location

  • Tell Edfu
    Inventory no(s).:
    Is in situ: Yes

Owner: Gott

Cultural context: Kult


  • – É. Chassinat, Le temple d'Edfou, Tôme III, Le Caire 1928, 221-229; Le temple d'Edfou, Tôme IX, Le Caire 1929, Tf. 72-73 [*H,L]

Author(s): Erhart Graefe; with contributions by: Peter Dils
Data file created: 06/29/2021, latest revision: 07/15/2021
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