Statue of Nebenmaat, priest of Osiris (Manchester 2699)(Object ID QVYUGSQRGZDFVB373KZBUFP3TQ)

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Object type: Skulptur

Materials: dunkler Granodiorit

Dimensions (H×W(×D)): 35+x × 28 cm

Condition: fragmentarisch

Comment on materiality

  • There are several large cracks through the fragment and surface chips and wear to much of the body area. Apart from a large chip from the left side, the inscriptions on the rear surface of the back pillar are in excellent condition; the columns on the sides have a number of small areas of damage which obscure the readings in places.

  • Finding place

    • Abydos
      Certainty: certain
      Is the original place of use: Yes
      Comment on this place: Recorded by Petrie (1903, Abydos II, pg. 36), as found by him between Nov. 1902 and April 1903 during his excavations of the precinct of the Osiris temple. He published no further information about the findspot, nor is it mentioned in his journals. The header of his plate xxxvii is simply “Abydos, Temple”. The object is listed in PM V, 47 as “Finds from Temple of Osiris and In or Near Enclosure” (TopBib 502-010-010-020).

Current location

Comment on dating:

  • Based on cartouche of Ramesses II on the right shoulder. Simon Connor (personal communication, November 2020) notes the following: “concerning the dating, I would consider it early 19th dynasty (and the cartouche on the shoulder doesn’t disagree with this dating). From the photos I don’t see traces of re-carving and what remains of the face seems to fit well with Ramesses II’s style. The shape of the ear is also consistent with Ramesses II, with the tragus and helix ending parallel (before Ramesses II, the helix goes inside the ear, while the tragus ends vertically: here drawing on the work of Ray Johnson, see Connor 2020, 89-90, with n. 11). Here the quality is perhaps not the highest, so this criterion should be taken with caution, but it is one more argument in favor of an “original”, non-reused Ramesside piece. I would say that I wouldn’t completely reject an 18th dynasty dating, but that there is no strong argument in favour of it.”

Comment on cultural context

  • cultural context: commemorative (temple)


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  • - Elizabeth Frood, Transcription, translation, metadata, notes (data entered by P. Dils), 01.12.2020
  • - Peter Dils, Lemmatisation, grammatical encoding and hieroglyphs according to the transcription and translation by Frood, 01.12.2020

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