Stela of [Penre], Overseer of Works (Oxford AN 1894.106d)(Object ID RDE76RKRR5DD3ELY5RL7S6WSVY)

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Object type: rundbogige Stele

Materials: Kalkstein

Dimensions (H×W(×D)): 94+x × 87 × 12 cm

Condition: fragmentarisch

  • Finding place

    • Koptos
      Certainty: certain
      Is the original place of use: Yes
      Comment on this place: Coptos, found at the rear of the temple of Thutmose III, ‘a little east’ of a doorjamb of Senwosret I; Petrie recorded two such doorjambs (1896, 11), one in limestone, forming what Petrie concluded was part of the east door of the temple, and another in granite to the south-east of this one. Both are indicated on the plan on pl. 1, with the limestone designated here as ‘Usertasen jamb’ so perhaps this is the jamb meant when indicating the location of the stela. Petrie concluded (1896, 16; PM V, 129) that the stela had been moved during Ptolemaic remodelling of the site and was dumped in clean sand at the back of the temple. Petrie’s journal for the excavations records the stela, but gives no further details of its findspot (Petrie MSS 1.12 - Petrie Journal 1893 – 1894, p. 46 <accessed 18 December 2020>).

Current location

  • Ashmolean Museum
    Inventory no(s).: 1894.106d
    Is at this location: Yes
    Comment on this place:
    Gift of the Manchester cotton magnate Jesse Haworth (1835-1921) and the collector Henry Martyn Kennard (1833-1911), who sponsored Petrie's excavations (Whitehouse 2009, xv and 88).

Comment on dating:

  • Ramesses II (with his cartouches) is depicted in front of the barque of Isis.

Owner: Privatperson


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  • - Peter Dils, Lemmatisation, grammatical encoding and hieroglyphs according to the transcription and translation by Frood, 04.12.2020

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