nswt-bj.tj(Lemma ID 88060)


Hieroglyphic spelling: 𓇓𓏏𓆤𓏏

Persistent ID: 88060
Persistent URL: https://thesaurus-linguae-aegyptiae.de/lemma/88060

Lemma list: Hieroglyphic/hieratic

Word class: Royal epithet


de König von OÄg. u. UÄg. (Thronname der Königstitulatur)

en king of Upper and Lower Egypt

Attestation in the TLA text corpus

Attestation time frame in the TLA text corpus: from 3350 BCE to 96 CE


  • Wb 2, 330.5-332.7
  • Beckerath, Königsnamen, 1 ff.

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For arguments for a reading of 𓇓𓏏𓈖 as *ntsw, i.e., nzw, see Wolfgang Schenkel. 1986. Das Wort für 'König (von Oberägypten)', in: Göttinger Miszellen 94, pp. 57–73. DOI: http://doi.org/10.11588/propylaeumdok.00001425.
S.D. Schweitzer argued for a reading of the word more precisely as jnzw, i.e., a transliteration (j)nzw, in: Simon D. Schweitzer. 2011. Etymologische Notizen zu 𓇓𓏏𓈖, in: Cahiers Caribeens d’Egyptologie 15, pp. 83-92.
Currently, the TLA still often quotes the traditional (incorrect) transliteration nswt in the hieroglyphic/hieratic lemma list.

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