sḏfꜣ(Lemma ID 150510)


Hieroglyphic spelling: 𓋴𓆓𓆑𓄿𓅰𓈀𓏥

Persistent ID: 150510
Persistent URL: https://thesaurus-linguae-aegyptiae.de/lemma/150510

Lemma list: Hieroglyphic/hieratic

Word class: verb (caus. 3-rad.)


de speisen; versorgen

en to provide with (food, e.g.); to endow

fr pourvoir; approvisionner

Attestation in the TLA text corpus

Attestation time frame in the TLA text corpus: from 1980 BCE to 324 CE


  • Wb 4, 383.1-22

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Projet Karnak 395
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