tp(Lemma ID 170860)


Hieroglyphic spelling: 𓁶𓏤

Persistent ID: 170860
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Lemma list: Hieroglyphic/hieratic

Word class: common noun (masc.)


de Kopf
en head; beginning (of a region)
fr tête

Attestation in the TLA text corpus

Attestation time frame in the TLA text corpus: from 2445 BCE to 324 CE


  • Wb 5, 263.3-265.10

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For arguments for a reading of 𓁶 as dp (i.e., Schenkel system ṭp), not tp, in Earlier and Late Egyptian, see Daniel A. Werning. 2004. The Sound Values of the Signs Gardiner D1 (Head) and T8 (Dagger). in: Lingua Aegyptia 12, pp. 183–203. DOI:
Building on this research, arguments may point to an earlier, (Pre-?)Old Egyptian development ḏp > dp (Schenkel č̣p > ṭp); see Carsten Peust. 2006. Nochmals zur Lesung der Kopf-Hieroglyphe. Göttinger Miszellen 208, pp.7–8. DOI:
S.D. Schweitzer argued for the traditional tp in: Simon D. Schweitzer. 2011. Zum Lautwert einiger Hieroglyphen. Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde 138, pp. 132–149.
For pragmatic reasons, the TLA currently keeps the traditional transliteration tp.

Commentary author: Daniel A. Werning; Data file created: 10/04/2022, latest revision: 10/04/2022

Editor(s): Altägyptisches Wörterbuch; with contributions by: Simon D. Schweitzer, Lisa Seelau
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